Sexually Explicit Clint Conuct Massage Therapy Cont Education Homestudy NCBTMB Approved

looking for effective, real-life strategies for those inevitable inappropriate clients?

This 170+ page eBook presents a cool-headed perspective on this hot topic using useful definitions and in-depth commentary to "clear the waters" of public confusion between sexual services and massage therapy services.


Contrast the two different client conduct types - sexual violence and sexually inappropriate suggestions and requests - and learn from effective real-life strategies and stories that prevent, protect, diffuse, and direct for each.

Approved for continuing education credit by the NCBTMB.

Mindful Pricing and Discount Stratgies in Massage Therapy Cont Education eBook Homestudy NCBTMB Approved

want a more straightforward approach to pricing your massage therapy services?

This 150+ page eBook is positively packed with best-practice advice and analysis on over 20 discount strategies most common in massage therapy today. Explore current research on why "more value" strategies are better than "less cost" bargains at attracting ideal clients to your practice.


Dive deep into a debunk of "charge your worth" mantra and resurface with a more logical, mindful approach to pricing.

Approved for continuing education credit by the NCBTMB.

Michign Laws and Regulation Massag Therapy Cont Education Homestudy NCBTMB Approved

do the state's websites and documents give you nothing but headaches?

This 150+ page eBook presents an overview of the current laws and regulations that shape massage therapy in the state of Michigan with a more user-friendly, visually-engaging approach.

Increase your compliance confidence with simple explanations of steps involved in getting and keeping your license alongside operating an ethical practice.

Approved for continuing education credit by the NCBTMB.

not sure if a home office is right for you and your massage therapy practice?


This eBook will walk massage therapists through a variety of practical and unique factors involved in planning, designing and ultimately operating a massage therapy practice from a home office.

Explore detailed considerations, best practice recommendations, and real-life scenario planning.


Estimated launch Summer 2020.

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